About Us

On a disused railway lot in Malmö, we’ve created a hotel consisting of circus wagons. Each wagon is one room, and all twelve rooms are decorated in different themes; the Clown’s Wagon, the Manager’s Wagon, the Magician’s Wagon, and so on.

There is a built-in kitchen and bathroom in some of the wagons, and shared ones for others. Our facilities include a shared kitchen, a house with showers and lavatories, and a reception with a minimarket.

All the rooms come with two bikes, free to use during your stay. Additional bikes are available to rent.

The hotel also has ten spaces for guest caravans, with access to electricity.
Nearby, there is a street food truck, a supermarket, pizzerias, laundry etc. The city centre can be reached by bus, train or a fifteen minute bike ride.

Welcome to Malmö’s most spectacular accommodation!